Monday, June 8, 2015

Short Podcast Rant on a Blog... or Blog Rant on a Podcast?

I am proof that any idiot can blog.

But I am smart enough not to podcast.

Sure, I do ViscountEric Rambles on About Gaming (and Traffic) on His Ride Home From Work, but that constitutes me using the voice recorder option on my iPhone to take a long winded "note to self."  I already thought out loud on my drives home, I might as well remember a few key points along the way.

While blogs can be used as a way to organize your thoughts and deeds, a podcast is an event for the people recording it.  Outside of the whack-a-dos, the tin foil conspiracy dudes, and people who only do three episodes, most podcasts have at least a rough outline to keep them on topic and within some reasonable time range.

One things I'm not seeing from the random podcasts I fall upon is growth.

Over the last few days I've downloaded a few random podcasts covering general gaming, wargames, and nostalgic RPGs.  I think all of them had over a hundred episodes each, yet all of them suffered from such ignorance and narrow-mindedness that it felt like a back table of grognards coming out of their basements for the first time in 30 years and complaining about things they completely missed and don't understand.

When your excuse is "It's too much like Flames of War", "This rpg mechanic is JUST like 3rd Edition D&D," or "I don't do micro-armor/World of Darkness/write Firefly fanfic haikus.... BECAUSE," you loose me... permanently.

And please, when you're supporting your favorite game to the naysayers of your podcast KNOW THE DAMN RULES.    I know the rules in books I've barely cracked open for the better part of a decade, and you can't cover a concept with the book right in front of you?

Just stop.  Even after 150+ episodes, for the sake of the audience asking even more inane questions that YOU CAN'T ANSWER, just stop.

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