Thursday, June 11, 2015

Throwback Thursday and Operation: Tom Sawyer

The one day I write up a throw-away post so I don't have to do anything, and the world blows up.

Rest in Peace, Christopher Lee.  Your tribute is forthcoming.

I had puppy duty last night, but with a late "anticipated" feeding time, I spent most of it on the work bench, painting and spraying.  I won't add these numbers to the totals on the side of column of the blog, but "Operation: Tom Sawyer" added

6 more primed minis  (26, if we're including the Warhammer Goblins from last weekend)
13 base coated Battlemechs 
6 more "touched up" and resealed minis  (156 total)
0 finished minis
The girls did much more mundane "fun" painting before I got home, so they wanted TV when I gave them the chance, so it was a long walk with the dogs listening to the Gaming Grunts, relistening to the Sandy Petersen interview from, and returning to the Grunts for my late night painting.

Next on the Bench:  We're going to slowly wade through the 'mechs, working on one or two a night, along with some gnome touch up and sifting through the mess on the center of the table and painting a few individual figs (Martians on the back burner). 

And... the little post I typed up and scheduled to post from a week ago:

Still paging through hundreds of emails.   I think I linked to this blog post back for Cold Wars 2012, but it can't hurt to do it again....


  1. I sure hope Clarkie left decent instructions to the new pups on how to paint figures!

  2. Speaking of looks like Team Frog Studios' Critter Commandos figures are now available at now you can build a "Clarkie's Heroes" unit to battle your evil blue (WH goblin)martians!!