Tuesday, June 2, 2015

What ViscountEric is Doing...

A confused and crazed May is over, and despite monsoon season in Pennsylvania moving to June this year, I'm happy to be in a new month.

The household did get some painting and priming started.  Some of it is almost completed and we should have pictures by the end of week.  I've also started the painful task of touching up some of the  figures for the first time in three years.  I've started with the Samoans and may move to reflock, maybe even rebase, some of the more "loved" gnomes.

The reading list has had Savage Showdown added to it.  It's still a bit too complicated for the girl's pending skirmish game, but if add two or three things from it to T.I.A.R.A. and the kids follow them, then I see us transitioning over. 

On the television front, we slogged through all six episodes of the BBC Egypt series.  The girls were completely gaga over Howard Carter and King Tut, were very attentive for The Great Belzoni, but wandered off during the Rosetta Stone and the breakthroughs with Egyptian hieroglyphics.  Not surprisingly, this Dad had the same responses for the series in the reverse order. 

Our trip to Florida and the nicer weather at home to walk the dogs has expanded my podcast selections:

The Miskantonic University Podcast has hit a wall, but it's not lack of trying.  Recent episodes have been covering the changes with Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition, specifically combat resolution.  Since I'm not converting, it isn't all that interesting to me, plus I've been able to see these changes in action in some of the Actual Plays.  The last episode screamed out "Filler!" as the main topic had them each picking a random mythos creature and figuring out how to craft a relationship between the three of them.   A new episode just popped up on my phone, so I'd like to be surprised today.

The MU-Live Play has been silent for awhile, and then they posted a The Lock-In by Jon Hook, in two parts.   It's horribly inappropriate and wrong, and may be the best representation of what actually happens at the gaming table.

Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff wobbles back and forth over the line of gaming gold and way too intellectual (even for me).  Then again, my eclectic tastes for Viking revenge cults, Quaker political machines, and RFK being a underdog candidate in 1976 may differ from yours.

I found The Unspeakable! podcast, and although there hasn't been a new one since April, the tiny back catalog is awesome.   The entire greater Pagan Press (Adam Scott Glancey, Kenneth Hite, Dennis Detwiller and more) circle is fantastic, the audio short stories are engaging, and the last episode is a great interview with my gaming man-crush, Oscar Rios.  It's not surprising that I've gotten a ton of great ideas for my Masks campaign from these guys.   I still haven't started looking at their actual plays, but I can't imagine them disappointing.

My time over at Skype of Cthulhu has been limited, thanks to their Horror on the Orient Express game.  Bob has offered to run the campaign using the new monster boxed set, and, outside of the first episode, I'd like to go into it with a clean slate.   There was a one-shot of The Dead Light scenario Chaosium released last year.

My current painful addiction is the The Gaming Grunts Podcast's version of Masks of Nylarathotep.  For semi-competent investigators, there are still plenty of cringe-worthy encounters, and there are moments where the Keepers feels like he's Oprah, giving out clues and help to move the story along.  I know that's the new "thing" now (guaranteeing clue retreival and plot progression) but there's some giant wiffleball and Bam-Bam sized bat type of softballs being thrown at the group.  I'm up to their third visit to Harlem, and I better see some potential for catastrophe.

Finally, my sister recommended Harmontown to me.   I should like it.  While Dan Harmon is known by most as the creator of Community, but he was also a member of the Dead Alewives and the writer of the classic  Dungeons & Dragons skit. 

"If there's any girls there I want to doooo them!"

I should like it.  For Christ's sake, they make their guests participate in role-playing games (Shadowrun is big right now), but I can't get past five or ten minutes of the front end of the podcast to get to this supposed "good stuff."  Perhaps I shall try again later.


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