Friday, July 3, 2015

(Painting) 'Mechs and Pulp and Gnomes... Oh My!

Operation: Tom Sawyer is working!  Although I haven't been able to convince anyone to do my painting chores for me, the whitewashing of the lead pile on my workbench was progressed nicely.   The hours have been draining (My kids didn't go to bed early during the school year.  Summer bedtimes have been even worse.), but the shelves and mini cases have begun to fill up.

This week's disasters include.

Battlemechs!   Of the 26 Mechs slated to be painted (24 from the Intro Set and 2 I snagged off eBay for pennies on the dollar) a whopping 3 are good enough.
Commando, Awesome, and Banshee
The 'mechs are batched in groups of two to four, each grouping to receive a paint scheme of a particular unit.  This first group was inspired by the III Legio Limitanei of the Marian Hegemony.   Yes, I started pretty obscure, but the scheme is pretty effective.   I'll be working on enough Kurita and Steiner 'mechs soon enough.

Theodore Mosby, Aviator
As promised, figures for the second installment of the Savage Showdown game got finished up.

Vasily Yegenievich, Russian Naval Deserter and Soldier of Fortune 
Fun fact:  All three figures were free minis originally "started" at the Hobby University at either Cold Wars or a Historicon over the years.  

Nils Lingonberry, Swedish Adventurer
The aviator is a Reaper metal figure and I don't know for certain the manufacturer of the other two .

For Vasily I kept the same paint scheme I had started with the available paints at Hobby U.  I promise no actual attempt at historical realism for this one.  Remember, the first pulp game involved gnomes, Mexicans, Egyptian artifacts, and the undead.  I'm not going to worry about it.   Theodore is "accurate," or at least his boots are.

These heroes get added to the survivors of the last session, to give the girls some variety.  I'd put five bucks down that the girls will keep Millie and the Mexican (Daddy's got villain NPCs to run this time.)
Vasily, Ted, Millie the Archeologist, Nils, and "The Mexican"
If I don't base Millie, perhaps Nils won't feel so short.

I also finished refurbing and rebasing my Swiss 3rd Training Company for Gnome Wars.

With special guest, Bruce Carmezind, the Most Interesting Gnome in the World

Washers were great bases to start with, but they took as much wear and tear as the figures, if not more.  The mdf bases are so much better.  I've been playing with these guys for six years, but they're still not done.  One more pickaxe and a bier nurse are in the painting queue.  An additional unpainted rifleman will be repurposed for a special Gnome History segment I hope to finish later this month.

Next up on the painting docket:  Deneb Light Cav for Battletech, Mordheim figures, and the Chupacabra!

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