Saturday, July 4, 2015

RIP "Ron the Gnome" and His Collection

I get accused of being a gnomophile so much that the stream of garden gnomes, magnets, books, and gee-gaws grows every year. 

I'm nowhere near "Ron the Gnome." 

Picture from the East Lindsey Target
You can check out the full story in the East Lindsey Target, but the short version is:  Man gets divorced.  Man discovers garden gnomes help get him out of his post-divorce depression.  Man collects 1,800 gnomes and becomes one of the town characters.

Poor Ron passed away this past April and now there is an auction for the 1,800 gnomes, minus a handful the family took as part of the will.

Here's the link to the auction house pertaining to the auction, which was conducted July 1st.

Rest in Peace Ron the Gnome.  Let the rest take up your burden for gnomekind.


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