Sunday, July 12, 2015

THIRTY Days of Games???

TMP recently had a forum question posed, "What do I do to promote my blog/increase traffic?"  All the advice given was spot on, but the biggest one was "keep posting."  Very rarely does Google or the other search engines pick up a blog with ten posts and put it square within it's top few pages of results.    While my new posts hits within the first 48 hours have risen for even a year ago, a lot of the 50% increased page views have been searches that resulted in one my over 1,200 published posts.  It may not cover "Aquaman eating a banana and listening to Nickelback" (it will now),  but once they're in, they're wandering the site.  I know how bots from China or the Ukraine  operate, and it's definitely not that.

I've also done my best to participate in worthwhile and relevant activities within social media.   They help me with my writing, as well as reach out to different parts of the gaming community.  My Twelve Days have been interactive with my readers around the holidays, and fills a normal gap in posts that most blogs suffer in December.   Last year, that evolved to #RPGaDay and added Twitter to the mix.  This August #RPGaDay2015 kicks off, and a few of the questions are giving me fits!

But all that pales in comparison to what challenge I discovered this past week:  Thirty Days of Games

While the daily blog posts about playing a game every day in September would be great for the reasons I mentioned about, the sheer concept of getting together with someone each day and taking the time to play a game in this rush-rush world, is simply mind blowing.

Challenge Accepted... with one caveat:  It has to be a different game each day.  I've seen a couple of these online, and there's always a back-up game in reserve, with not even a point of deviation from the original concept.   Nope, I'm going to try to play thirty distinct games.

With two small girls, I'm not breaking out copies of Squad Leader, and children's and more traditional games are acceptable.  Yes, that means I'll need to survive Candyland, Hearts, and even the Shopkins Shopping Game.   I'll gladly accept a few prayers.

This is by no means a be-all, end-all, but I figured it would be wise to try to compile thirty games, before I go into panic mode on day 25.

Kid's Games
  • Candyland
  • Frozen Flips (it's Candyland with moveable tiles on the path.  It does play differently that the new version of Candyland with the spinner.  I know, I'm upset about the spinner too.
  • Trouble
  • Connect Four
  • Shopkins Shopping Game
Family Card Games
  • War
  • Old Maid
  • Go Fish
  • Uno
  • Fluxx
Family Games
  • The Race Game
  • Gnome Wars
  • To Cry a Joust
  • Zombie Dice
  • Scavengers (?)
Role-Playing/Story Games
  • Dungeons and Dragons (5th Edition)
  • Savage Showdown
  • T.I.A.R.A.
Grown-Up Games (I will be inviting others over to complete my quest)
  • Battletech
  • Car Wars
  • Call of Cthulhu
  • Contemptable Little Armies
  • Dungeon Roll
  • Burning Plastic
  • Diplomacy
  • Apples to Apples
  • Risus
  • Mordheim
That's 29 games off the top of my head (and stuff listed on the sidebar of my blog).  Plenty of time to teach the girls new (playing) card games, or pull out the dusty copy of Swahili that's in the garage.


  1. Last September I promised my kids we would play at least one game every day for the entire month. It was a hoot. We ended up playing about 60 games in the end - but we didn't do a different game every day and we played a lot of short, quick-playing games (For Sale, Montgolfiere, etc...). A different game every day would add a whole new level to that challenge - I think we will have to try it as well.

  2. Considering I initially stole the idea from your blog, Tim, let's just say I'm trying to improve on a great idea!