Monday, July 27, 2015

This Weekend was a Good Weekend...

In a world of wives working, kids flying off the handle, foster puppies pooping, and the general chaos of middle age, I shall eviscerate Ice Cube's classic line.   I've had better weekends for sure, but this one was alright.

On the homefront, the foster puppy countdown is now days, not weeks (finally!), and not a moment too soon.  At ten weeks, they have developed courage to test beyond the borders of our front yard.   Collars and leashes are finally required.  The cute puppy phase is gone and the "hellish mini-beasts of chaos" has my dog-loving wife exasperated.

Saturday was a crazed morning of small projects at the mother-in-law's house, stopped only by trips back and forth for Maja's Summer play practice.  By the time my wife got home from work, it was a quick take out order (mmm....wings) and Movies at the Park to see this small independent film called Frozen.   It was cute, but I doubt it will go anywhere.  *Note to self:  must figure out era of dress for the Arendelle Military.  It's pretty sharp.

Saturday was also the last day of the Reaper Bones III Kickstarter (do I really need to link this another time?  If you've live under a rock for THREE of these campaigns, just go back and ignore the real world.

My "current" total at the end of the campaign was a measly $39:

  • $1 Buy-in
  • $10 Fantasy Mouslings
  • $10 Frost Giants
  • $15 "Bonehenge"
  • $2   Mr and Mrs Bones
  • $1   Sofie (I haven't owned a Reaper mascot since '99 and this one appears well-dressed and surrounded by books).
What I failed to realize was that once the KS pays Reaper and they get production set up, we will be able to add to our pledges in 6-8 months when everything needs to be finalized with the Project/Pledge Manager.  This means that sometime between Christmas and tax return time, I may be able to add a few more Mouslings, Space Mouslings, Frost Giants, or even some of the Mythos related stuff.  To be honest, I may just wait into 2017 to pick up more Viking mouslings, or perhaps just blisters of Deep Ones.  

Sunday was a little less crazy, and although we didn't get around to playing Savage Showdown, I did get to teach Maja Zombies!   My copies and expansions have be scattered throughout the old house, but as I opened a box this past week, I found all the zombies (and expansion female zombies) and chits in one box, and the rules and tiles in one of the expansion boxes.  Now the cards  are missing, but with a first grader, we'll hold off on that a little bit.    Maja loved the city-building portion of the game, and despite a few brave charges towards the helicopter, we gave up after we each had four deaths.   Drawing three dead end pieces on the first three draws didn't help our funneling to our deaths either.  

Finally, I also initiated Operation:  Slop and Go.  The workbench is completely cleaned off and I'm almost finished sanding it down.  Two coats of paint this week and a new set of shelves, and I'll be ready to reorganize everything, find spots (and boxes) for all my terrain, return to mini painting in earnest.

Here's where I need some help from the whole intra-web thingy community.  I need a small shelving system for my paints.

Here's what I had before I cleaned up:

The paints sit upon an upside down scrap booking tote that I used right side up to store paint before my supply exploded.  It's probably 8" x 12" x 2"  and has worked well, except I need more organization.  I'd love to have two tiers of shelves on the bench, one perhaps 6" deep by 1" high and running at least a foot is not two,  the second would be 3" deep by 1" high and sit atop the first.    This way I could still keep my old reliables (white, black, fleshtones) in easy access in front of the first shelf and not take up any more space, while providing a spot to store sand, stone, and other flocking material.  If I can find something affordable, I'd like to run it the length of the bench and use it to set up the painting queue as well.    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

I'll leave with a new Lesson of Maja:  "Chinese people have to believe in  Jesus.  Pandas love Jesus!"


  1. I use a stepped spice shelf for my main painting desk, as it is pretty small and had three tiers. I got it at Target a few years back for not much. Might be what you are looking for.

    Something like this one, although mine is plastic and has rubber "tops".

  2. Thanks Lasgunpacker. That's not what I wanted, but I now realize that's what I NEED!