Thursday, August 6, 2015

Pondemonium is Unleashed!

Miciosegone Games has released Pondemonium through Wargame Vault

Pondemonium is a free print 'n' play two-player boardgame/skirmish wargame, made to offer a specific ruleset for the Pond Wars miniatures range from Eureka Miniatures.  The great mobility of Frogs against the impressive defensive ability of Turtles in a Pond battleground of huge variables will keep you company for many matches!

You Can Download All the Components of the Game for Free!
  • The HD English rulebook
  • The low-quality English rulebook (cheapest to print)
  • The Action Cards
  • The Tokens
  • The paper miniatures of Frogs and Turtles
  • The Pond board
  • The English Units sheets
I've downloaded my copy and the rules look relatively quick and painless, although the initiative system needs a couple test runs for me to get it, and  there are some sections that appear as if they were translated from another language, so they're oddly worded.

The big thing that won me over for a free product are the paper minis of frogs and turtles.  The book does state that it is far preferred to get the minis from Eureka (and the one model from Impact Miniatures),  but they're great to experiment with options to use for this game, gnome games, even Song of Fur and Buttons. 

We'll get around to playing this during the #30GamesAMonth and there's a good chance a sizable frog/turtle/mouse order will need to be construction for Cold Wars.

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