Monday, August 10, 2015

#RPGaDAY2015 Day #10: Favorite RPG Publisher

Favorite RPG Publisher?  What do you think I am, some naive teenager susceptible to the trio of 40k, D&D, and Magic?  Or perhaps you think I'm slightly older and cooler than anyone else in the room, playing games full of ennui or deep meaning?

I'm a 41-year-old man with 26 years of gaming experience under my belt.  The only two things I haven't done in my gaming bucket list is go to Essen (too far) and GenCon (too many people, and largely overrated chaos).    I've had newbie mode, college mode, hipster mode, and I'm a freakin' exhausted father of two mode.

I've been a dedicated fanboy for TSR, Steve Jackson, WotC during the Talislanta years, and smaller and smaller press items as I refine my tastes.

Up until the recent collapse of Chaosium, I had purchased their last five products, prior to Horror on the Orient Express.   With the recent management upheaval, the return of the kings, and more details of the current state of the company, and the future of it's product lines, I'm not nearly as excited anymore.

With nothing consistent in the order catalog, for my current favorite RPG Publisher I turn to Golden Goblin Press.

As I already covered on Day 2. Oscar Rios is thorough and dedicated to his projects.  His Kickstarters have not been without a small dose of drama, but everything was resolved for all pledges, and in the gaming world, being scant weeks or even days late is as good as delivering a month early.  I was completely satisfied with Tales of the Crescent City, I just got De Horrore Cosmico in the mail and can't wait to snag up a copy of Cthulhu Invictus and run a game or three for the group, much less write up a review for it.

And I can't  wait for the Tales of the Caribbean Kickstarter launching on September 9th.

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