Monday, August 3, 2015

#RPGaDAY2015 Day #3: Favorite New Game in the Last 12 Months

Fun fact, sponsored by Captain Obvious:  Compared to my teens, I barely role-play anymore.  If it's not our immortal Call of Cthulhu game, our always available Risus-IOU game on Labor Day, a special, one-time playtest, or playing with the kids, I'm not venturing out to look for new RPGs to not have time to play.  My FLGS barely stocks RPG books unless my wife or myself special order them,

For most of the gaming community, the biggest change to their role-playing was the release of Fifth Edition Dungeons and Dragons.  With how friendly it is towards the earlier editions, it's no surprise how enthusiastically it has been accepted.  Heck, I picked up the starter set, downloaded the pdf rules, and ran some very special scenarios with the girls.  It certainly works, it's enjoyable, and I'm even considering revisiting the game over this summer, but it doesn't hit all the cylinders I need.  BECMI might be a better route for me, all its archaic obtuseness and all.

I've been looking into expanding my T.I.A.R.A. (Toddler Interactive Adventure Resolution.... Adventure!) system that I've used since my oldest daughter Maja was two.    I was looking for a rules set that could be cinematic, pretty basic, yet expandable, readily available, but cheap.

I'm slowly dipping my feet into Savage Worlds, and it's exactly what I needed. 

For full disclosure, my kids (ages 4 and 6) will need to play with minis, so I'm venturing along the stripped down Savage Showdown path inch by inch.    They love the bennies, they love the resolution mechanics, and I love the fact that if I need to bend or create a rule on the fly, I don't have to pour through a giant tome and lose the girls' attention.  That's easy enough all on its own.

Pulp is the flavor of the summer, and with different rules for heroes and goons, we're loving it.  As we play more, I'll add more of the rules, but we're in a great place right now.

"Maybe we shouldn't have opened up that tomb..."

A Russian Deserter and a Mexican walk into a bar...

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