Monday, August 31, 2015

#RPGaDAY2015 Day #31 Favorite Non-RPG Thing to Come Out of Roleplaying

Another year, another #RPGaDay has been concluded.   Last year's inaugural run was chock full of poignant questions that just begged for a blog post.   This year's appeared to be reaching the stretching point, as a few questions elicited a lukewarm single word tweet answer.  I am interested in what year three might present itself, although a fourth year  might allow us to recycle the original topics and see how we all have progressed.

Traffic-wise, this project hasn't added any pageviews to my daily stats.    The #RPGaDay post combined with whatever normal blog post I've added are adding up to a usual result for a normal "non-event" post.  In fact, when compared to my #RPGaDay posts, which were done in December 2014, pageviews on each subsequent day have been decline, where December's fluctuated depending on topic.

Steve Jackson REALLY liked one of my posts last year.
Gripes aside, I do enjoy the activity and hope my antcipated increase in RPG playing in the next year who add or adjust stories I would currently list.

On that note, welcome to Day 31:  Favorite Non-RPG Thing to come Out of Roleplaying

Friendships?   Of the core group I see two of them usually once per year, and the other three I haven't seen in years.  Even in college, role-playing was one activity of many done with the group of friends, not the activity that created a group of friends?

No Dates...   Only one girl I dated could be labelled a role-playing geek, but I met her in the comics section.  Her geekiness was more directed towards comic books, cows, and beavers (don't ask).  The rest of the girls I've dated, and the one I married, have been quite mundane.

Weird Recognition?  Being dubbed the "Games Guru of the Lehigh Valley" in the mid-90s does not make me a target of TMZ.

A boy and another boy's Muppet can help him learn life skills..
Perhaps it must be the job I have today.  Indirectly at least.  My role-playing got me interested in Magic: the Gathering.  My knowledge of Magic netted me my job at New Frontiers in New Jersey, and Dreamscape Comics, the comic/game shop a mere two blocks from my house.  Or so I thought.  In reality 3/4 of my time would be spent managing the Bethlehem location, although I spent a week working the Easton shop solo during the blizzard of '96, all the other employees lived a block   The term "Assistant Manager" or "Branch Manager" wasn't all it was cracked up to be, but it was enough to get the Store Manager position at Griffon Games.   Years of "management experience", bookkeeping, organization, and a college degree netted me my first "real" job in the big bad bad world, and things have ebbed and flowed until I'm at where I am today, a solid office job that plans on exploding tomorrow in seasonal chaos. 

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