Wednesday, August 5, 2015

#RPGaDAY2015 Day #5: Most Recent RPG Purchase

The last RPG book of any sort that I've purchased has been Battlelords of the 23rd Century, 6th Edition.   The saddest thing?  It was back in March!

I've owned all but one of the editions since it was first released in 1990, but as I purged items from the collection, it was usually one of the first to go.  I've only played it three times ("BattleMastered" once, played twice), the last being a at least 17 years ago.

Why snag up a copy of BLot23C now? 

My on-again, off-again project is the Gnomish Space Marines RPG (GSM), a part humorous, but also part hard sci-fi game.   The early seedlings were based on TWERPS and the "Gnomish Space Marine" parody song out of a Dragon Magazine April Fool's Issue, but since then they've evolved into a more crunchy concept that Battlelords has in spades.   GSM needs deteriorating armor, auto-fire rules, cyborgs, and just the opportunity to slide a Ram Python into an encounter.

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