Thursday, August 6, 2015

#RPGaDAY2015 Day #6: Most Recent RPG Played

The last RPG played? 

With "grown-ups?"  Almost a month and a half ago when I ran another session of Masks of Nylarlathotep for two of the players.   As the log for the CoC campaign shows, Professor O'Hara was suffering from the after-effects of his motorcycle accident, a gunshot wound, and two bouts of hypothermia, and needed the Egyptian heat to recover (aka, the player was unable to attend)

Everyone else but everybody's hard-drinking, fast-lovin' West Virginian historian, "Dr Bob",  had died out in the desert.

With Bob unavailable, it was his turn to rest up while our Physicist and a ex-French Foreign Legionnaire followed Bob's research trail to try to understand why he had created a mini-expedition out into the desert... and why everyone else died.  

Now everyone is up to speed and most leads, and hopefully we can get everyone together for August.

With the kids?  We finally ran our second game of Savage Showdown Pulp.   The adventurers wanted to spend a few moments celebrating the Eygptian artifacts they had found, but other interested parties had other ideas.  Half the group made it out of the roadside bar and headed off to the capital city and the Big Museum (tm).  Others, like Fritz O'Lay, "The Mexican" tried to grab a ride by jumping out a second story window.

He failed.
El Oucho...
Before this game, we broke out kids introductory adventure, Heroes of Heislod, for #gygaxday.   Since my eldest, Maja, handled the D&D Starter Set adventures well enough last year at the age of 5, this adventure was over simplified for her,  perfect for her four year old sister.   We'll go back to it in September when the second adventure, Champions of the Elements will be part of my #30GamesAMonth in September.

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