Saturday, August 8, 2015

#RPGaDAY2015 Day #8: Favorite Appearance of RPGs in Media

There was a time where even a passing glance at gaming in the media was relegated to a throwaway scene in E.T., or Tom Hanks losing his marbles in Mazes and Monsters.

But thanks to Wikipedia, I have some more recent examples:

Weezer - "In the Garage" is one of the ultimate geek-out in traditional song.  "I've got a Dungeon Master's Guide... I've got a twelve-sided die...."

Big Bang Theory - Big Bang has made the wise FLGS happy with their boardgame selections, and a mainstream popularization of the "Wood for Sheep" joke.    Role-playing on the show, however, has always left me squirming on the couch for how horrible the the game-mastering is.    Leonard is a railroady GM and Howard relies on a collection of impersonations, from Nick Cage to Christopher Walken to combat a lack of story and cohesion. The Dead Alewives live-action TV show would do a better job presenting role-playing.

I don't watch much Community, but I knew enough of the series to catch the first (?) D&D episode.   The group is large and diverse, both in player race, but player style.  There's good and bad character role-playing, and if I want someone to not completely "get" D&D, it would be a character played by Chevy Chase:

I won at Dungeons and Dragons, and it was ADVANCED!

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