Sunday, August 9, 2015

#RPGaDAY2015 Day #9: Favorite Media You Wish Was an RPG

The rose-colored glasses of nostalgia may not be my current prescription, but I remember us clamoring for licensed RPGs whenever  a new one came out.   Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Star Trek, even the Masters of the Universe Game, we wanted them and the game companies... kinda put them out.

As I got older, it felt like every two-bit author's book series or fifth-tier TV series could get one.  It's continued with all these Common Use  and Open Source licensing, that everything that has a fan base has there own game, supplement, or ancient Yahoo! group.

So what's left that the role-playing community to exploit?

Favorite Media You Wish Was an RPG?

Kid's Stuff.

Outside of some generic Saturday Morning Adventure RPGs, there are few properties that have gotten any respect?  I mean, GI Joe?   He-Man?  Transformers?  All perfect for serialized adventures, just like most of us still play, but don't admit to it.  (Note:  Please don't send me links to a Transformers RPG using GURPS Vehicles, GURPS Robots, and GURPS Mecha unless you want me to join a terrorist organization and target your home first.)

But going beyond the nostalgic cartoons, the modern stuff has potential for play with a generation of potential gamers who can't yet spell nostalgia.

Disney, listen up!   Your cartoons on Disney Jr are perfect for imaginative play, and definitely suitable for role-playing. 


We have a large, diversely talented team, a great setting (underwater), and a perfect standardized plot each episode for excitement, danger, and a little education along the way.    While each normal episode revolves around primarily Captain Barnacle, Qwazi, and Peso, I hope to tweak Scavengers'  Danger Points system to force those characters to rest for an episode or three while the other secondary characters get their moment to shine.

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