Monday, September 28, 2015

A Weekend of Normal Chaos

I'm still staggering around at 2 in the morning, trying to unwind from a relaxing weekend.  

I honestly can't tell you what happened on Friday.  Friday has always been my yard work day, and with a pile of debris still in the yard from the evergreen we cut down last week, it was my first priority.

Nope, didn't even weed whack.

Clean out the garage?  Wash the cars?  Pick out paint with the wife for the millionth time?

Nope.  Distant PTSD memories say it was a sanity shredding amount of laundry, but I'm still quite sure.

Saturday was pegged to be a productive day of mini-projects, followed by some daddy time at the bench and a night of Doctor Who with the girls.  In stead, we mustered over to the Bloomsburg Fair for farm animals, trampolines, and food on a stick.  As money quickly vanished for skyrides and  kid
s dinner we could have cooked at home at a fifth the cost, my grumpypants came on pretty quick.    After the fair skyride (at five bucks a pop) changed its policy from three people to two in car (and no refunds, of course), we took 25 minutes to journey to the other end of the fair to find my wife, purchase a fourth ticket, and all of us got to go on the ride, to exactly back from where I started.  The mass of humanity, the ever increasing prices, and some uncharacteristically unruly girls made it one of the low points of my decade of going to the fair.  On a brighter note, I did find a great, cheap Buffalo Chicken Pretzel Wrap from a food truck out of West Chester.

With the family passed out, I began the process of transcribing the Hackmaster journal from 2001-2004 into blog drafts.  I'd like to have the next one, episode twelve, to be posted on Tuesday, and each Tuesday thereafter.

I also did a few things regarding the resurrection/revenge of the Burning Trogs.  I set up a Facebook group (private) for the campaign, and sent out the first communique: Everyone must make a 2nd level Halfling something.  My plan is still formulating, but it shall be glorious!

Looks like we nailed down the next Call of Cthulhu campaign session for November 1st, making the first week of November the biggest social gaming experience of the calendar year.  With Dr Bob making an appearance, we'll see if we can jump start Masks, or if we should simply let it fade away.  Something exciting will happen, regardless, as it's the first formal appearance of Hoyce in the CoC campaign (He did play his avatar version in The Lonely House in the Woods, but that was a connected one-shot at his bachelor party that included Doc Millheim, Steven O'Hara, and Smitty playing alongside a host of other characters that will never return.

Sunday failed on a planning scale, but I did get the next installment of the kid's Savage Showdown game in with great fanfare.   As the heroes neared town with a mule train full of priceless artifacts, trouble befell them.  Only one character escaped, but I did witness a phenomenal damage roll involving a non-wild card porter delivering it to the Chupacabre.  Fun stuff, but soon enough it was outside to play, dinner, baths, and bedtime so Dad could sneak back downstairs to watch Fear the Walking Dead.

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