Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Golden Goblin's Tales of the Caribbean Stretch Goals

It's not surprising that the Tales of the Caribbean Kickstarter by  Golden Goblin Press easily reached it's initial goal of $20,000 with almost three weeks to go.    I assumed the awesome stretch goals of added chapters, more scenarios, an extra pdf, and a fiction collection would progress like the previous campaigns.

What really struck my eye, was the $29,500 stretch goal: Gunboat Diplomacy.

Directly off the 9/22 Update (edited)

This additional chapter to the Guide to the Caribbean, by Jeffrey Moeller, will allow keepers to run the entire collection of core scenarios as a campaign. Investigators become involved with the U.S. Navy’s Office of  Naval Intelligence ("ONI"), which is still in its infancy. The investigators find themselves on-board the U.S.S. Lamprey, on special patrols to protect both American interests and the whole of mankind against the mysterious forces of the Cthulhu Mythos. This section will:
  • discuss the actual history and operations of ONI in the Caribbean in the 1920s;
  • discuss the secret history that led to the establishment of the U.S.S. Lamprey as a "black ops" patrol, with additional duties beyond the usual
  • outline the career of Lt. Cmdr. Hughes Deschamps, a naval intelligence officer who knows what the world faces
  • include a detailed description of the U.S.S. Lamprey (a plan of which will be included in the prior ship plan stretch goal)
  • detail resources available to the crew (including what elements of ONI know and do not know about the horrors of the Mythos)
  • provide character templates for a naval command officer; naval attache/political officer; signal analyst; pilot; and appropriate sailors for a small patrol ship like the Lamprey.
A little naval/primordial Delta Green-esque action?  Sign me up!


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