Thursday, September 24, 2015

Pack Mules With Loads

With the new paint shelves assembled, and the kids asleep, I managed to sit down, try out the ergonomics of the shelves, and painted up the next essential minis for our Savage Showdown game:  Pack Mules

These should be through Brigade Games, and unfortunately, they might be the only minis I've ever gotten from Lon that had a ton of flash on them.   I'm a little confused, as Brigade is selling them in group of four and I actually own six of them (one was painted by Millie and is currently soaking in Simple Green to get the rainbows off. )

In the picture above, you can see Swedish Adventurer Nils Lingonberry and archaeologist Millie Maja arguing in the background.   What's that, faithful readers?  Weren't Nils and Millie en route to the big city in a big truck full of ancient artifacts?    Why are there mules now?

Hopefully after this weekend, we'll be able to find out!

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