Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Great Race for the Blimp

The big news of the week here in Pennsylvania was a NORAD Joint Land Attack Cruise Missile Defense Elevated Netted Sensor System (i.e. a blimp) that became untethered and floated through the Commonwealth, creating power outages and a media sensation.   Although it never got near my home, I was amused this morning to see my email at work covering protocols for department heads to submit claims to the EMA is they suffered any damage from the "rogue military blimp."

Despite thousands being without power and the conspiracy nuts having a field day, it was a great non-event for most Pennsylvanians. 

The question came up in water cooler discussions:  Could this be a game?

While this shouldn't generate a massed military response and lots of live fire, I can easily see a six players with different goals chasing a randomly moving balloon over a board with tons of obstacles. 

NORAD or general military:  Secure the blimp, keep others away, prevent a media frenzy, prevent another group from seizing it's secrets (It's an upgraded weather balloon powered by alien tech gone awry?)  Humvees and "Security Forces" minis

FBI/MIB(?):  Partially allied with NORAD, but discovering the secrets may open up a world of troubles.  Black Sedans, suits, and sunglasses.

Media:  Getting the big scoop!  Will ally with any willing side.  News truck and crew

Conspiracy Nuts:  Neutralize the tin-foil threat and expose the truth.  Conversion van with an airbrush fantasy scene....

Greys:  The truth is out there.  Ground the blimp, remove the tech, and stay out of sight.  Non-descript car that may/may not convert into a spacecraft

Clowns:  C'mon, clowns love balloons!   Should be able to cause as much chaos as possible (we'll need a flexible system to let them do the most damage, I mean, be as flexible as possible.)  Clown car.

Other groups of civilians or rival agencies could be added to create more havoc.    With four or five man teams, minis wouldn't be a big expenses, and there are plenty of lines available.  

The big question, gentle readers, is "What system do I use for such a game, or should I simply homebrew something?"

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