Monday, November 16, 2015

A Groovy Weekend

This weekend capped off two weeks where no one was home each night until 7pm or later.  This week will be MUUUUCCCH better.  We have two nights off this week (TWO!... One if you count the kid's much delayed open house at school on Wednesday.)

The whole week was dominated by the kid's play. Groovy, a tribute to the sixties, whichran Friday night and Saturday and Sunday afternoons, and we, as dedicated thespians, just had to go for all three showings.   The kids did great, the songs are infectious, and Millie stole the show as the youngest kid in the show by two years (and three or four inches).

My wife did give me an out for Sunday to allow me to go to Mepacon, but the idea of paying the one day fee, plus gas, plus parking, it was far better to deal with under-13 hippies.  

My Flower Children
The world is also dead set against me attending Cold Wars next year.  As if the concert in Pittsburgh wasn't already the last nail in the coffin, the kid's next play runs that weekend as well.    Guess it's time to plan my three events for Mepacon.
No rest for wicked...
I had snuck into work early on Saturday for some prep work for my staff before dashing off to Maja's first real basketball game.  My first hour there was dominated... by gaming.  First off, I tacked on the Space Mouslings to my Reaper Bones III Pledge Manager.  There's not much I might be interested in, outside of more of what I already snagged.   Those Frost Giants and Fantasy Mouslings are screaming for a game.  Might need to start the research for the right game system.   I'm planning on slapping a few more dollars Reaper's way before the Pledge Manager closes in May.
I also snagged pdf copy of  Spirit of 77.   Man, it is solid.  Love the character sheets (the exact opposite of Risus in many ways) , the system explanation is rad, and I can dig the handouts.  Still working through a great "bad" Rockford Files/Bionic Woman crossover actual play on the Rolling Intentions Podcast, but it gives me some hope that the system does handles failure well.  Let's just say that everytime a roll fails on a six or less on 2d6, the character earns an xp, and these fellas are earning xp left and right.   I have a ViscountEric-warped concept game I want to right, but I have a LOT of movies to watch for research.
Of course, this weekend was also the attacks on Paris.  I've moved up a topic in the queue which might seem the complete opposite of  talking about evil and terrorism, but I think I can weave everything together.
Busy busy busy bee!


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