Friday, November 20, 2015

Car Wars Arenas Arrive!!

After dealing with a school open house with enough parkng for a quarter of the parents, and the discovery of the source of the newest plumbing leak (the stainless steel washer hook-ups aint so stainless anymore), I took a few second to apply some paint to the palm tree jungle and herd of spiders on my workbench. 

I waited until today to open up my package I received in the mail yesterday.  Hoo-ray for Car Wars!

With my snazzy new Car Wars patch and Munchkin paraphenalia
Seven map sheets, all double sided, stats on all the arenas provided, a Car Wars patch, and a few promotional cards. 

Knowing my wife and kids, they will appreciate the bubble wrap it was packed in far better.

That's a lot of snazzy double-sided maps!
Steve Jackson has pulled off every Kickstarter backer's dream, a product that's arrived a month early! 

To continue my good fortune, my copy of Star Patrol: Carrier Commander should be in the possession of the USPS today and arriving at my house, possibly before Thanksgiving!  I could say that communication from the designer could be considered overbearing, but given the tiny margins for error for a $3 game (postage included), that's far preferred.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, another disappointing update by RAFM for the CoC 7th Edition minis.  While I had gathered from the last update that they would direct all attention to shipping out product, the entire last week has amounted to organizing product.  Items might be shipped after Thanksgiving.    I've been completely patient with the campaign, but I don't think I'll be seeking out any RAFM prodcut after this scheduled disaster.

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