Sunday, November 15, 2015

Games Workshop Specialty Games Rise from the Dead... Again

While Easter is the traditional resurrection holiday, Bell of Lost Souls reports a special Seasons Greetings announcement that originated from Australian stores, and has since been confirmed at a few locations here in the States.
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After what feels like a few failed attempts over the years, Game Workshop is again setting up a Speciality Division for those games that don't have WARHAMMER plastered thirty times over the cover of a box/book. 

Reviving the smaller lines makes a number of fans extremely happy, but I wonder what will come of the some of the third party sites and material.  I also worry about the cost of the GW-official products.  The third party unofficial products for things like Blood Bowl seem ridiculously high (I've seen $80 teams...that's a LOT unless your dealing with 15 figures). 

Perhaps there will be almost affordable reprints, perhaps a collected editions of the 'zines?  One can only hope.

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