Saturday, November 14, 2015

Spirt of '77

It's already a crazy time for me with RPGs, with very little time, and THREE campaigns vying for some spotlight.

Let's add one more, I can dig it.

Spirit of '77 is a high-speed, low drag RPG of 70s pop culture and the slew of media, good and bad that was generated from it.

Do you want to know kung-fu?  Done.  Blaxploitation heroes?  Damn Straight!  A bunch of honkies with fast cars, big trucks, and amorous primates?  Awww yeah!

I've been listening to a number of actual plays of the games and interviews with the designers and I'm this close to snagging a hard copy of the rules.

Apparently the Powered by the Apocalypse Engine is criticized by it's "yes, and..." approach.   I'm more of a "yes, but..." GM, and I'm a bit leery where the rules emphatically state the Players roll all of the dice, but I am a fan of any system which can start a campaign of random PCs with the DJ (Gamemaster) asking, "So..... just to clarify.... who stole the beer truck?"

Plots and role-playing can be just as awesome or awkward as you remember 70's movies being.  There's a lot of potential for any play style you want, The Good, The Bad, and the Groovy.

More to come, hopefully!

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