Sunday, November 29, 2015

This is Madness... This is SATLOF 2015!

Our extended group, both gamer and general weirdo alike, had a lot more mandatory high holy days than we had before.  Halloween and Paupuno Day (Super Bowl Sunday) are both run by Steve and attendance is nothing like it was before.   I have the day of Day of Sloth, and that has declined over the years to the point that this year we effectively had a secret enclave.

Nate has SATLOF, and while the numbers have declined, it is a can't-miss occasion for the core group.

SATLOF (Saturday After Thanksgiving Left Over Feast) was originally a concept (born of Steve's high school friend FATLOF) where everyone brought their leftovers for a party and pig-off two days after Thanksgiving.   It's evolved over the years, to where Nate essentially cooks a turkey with all the fixings, and we all bring a non-leftover item to the festivities (We took responsibilities for corn and rolls.)  Lots of good food, lots of good booze, and perhaps a game or two.

Outside forces have changed the holiday.  Nate moving to Allentown scared away a number of the Pocono attendees.  Kids have certainly changed the dynamic, but since there's more of them now they distract themselves.  And the desire to get completely faced has been whittled down to two or three participants.

This year, the front of the  food line was graced with this disturbing image.  

Of all the aluminum foil clad dishes, one was empty with another picture inside it and  "You chose ... Poorly..."  Food was great as always.

We managed to shed the children and meet at the basement bar for gaming and liquor.    Steve broke out Eggs and Empires, and it still ran great with six players.

The Silver Gnome overlooks the fate of the Empire.
I then broke down and played my first-ever game of Cards Against Humanity.    I stand by all my previous claims, although I must admit it was a raucous good time.  As my girls were quietly playing on the other side of the basement, I was given the questionable cards to read alot, essentially a parental filter.  Luckily, I only needed to rework one card.  

We got 15 minutes of game talk in, solidifying the 13th for the first game of the 2nd Edition AD&D campaign Hoyce wants to start.  I covered Spirit of '77 with a few of them, and we had a hasty debate about using Goodberries on unconscious characters.

The International Sign for a Par-Tay!
I had a great time, the girls had a fun time playing with some ... boys (???), and even my wife enjoyed herself.  So long as there are toys, I don't think I need to bring along kids games for the group, but it's a good cross-section for a playtest.

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