Friday, December 4, 2015

Doc Millheim is at it again!

With the fate of fame parapsychologist Dr. Nathaniel Millheim up in the air, a recent discovery of  an ancient Egyptian leather manuscript that had been in storage for decades makes the keeper in me a bit giddy. 
If Dr Karfour is still there, I would be very scared...
With a simple reading of the title my mind raced with the possibilities.  If Doc Millheim were to survive the reign of the Black Pharaoh (a VERY big if..) and managed to compose a manuscript to survive the ages, wouldn't it be a hoot if the find overshot the Roaring '20's and showed up almost one hundred years later.  Time-travelling Stargate-esque adventurng anyone?  Perhaps I can turn it into an interesting convention event.

Then I actually read the article. 

Specific dates aren't given, but it looks like it was obtained by the French Institute for Oriental Archaeology after the Great War and ultimately donated to the Cairo Museum prior to the Second World War and stored away with papyrus and other writings of ancient Egypt.   It could very well exist SOMEWHERE in the current game.  It COULD be obtained by a certain group of roguish gentleman from America.    It SHOULD be far more disastrous than any other plan, save Professor O'Hara's possible experimentation with dimensional teleportation. 

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