Wednesday, December 9, 2015

(GURPS) Eric Jacobson, Two More Years Later

Four long years ago, I admitted to a GURPS version of myself, an amalgam of a 100-point version of me I created for a Red Dawn game gone gonzo, and interspersed with various dream memories I've had since high school.  Two years ago, I posted an update with more skill points added from all the wacko stuff I've dreamed of, including infiltrating a Mormon cult.   I openly admitted that I'm essentially Tom Arnold's character in True Lies.

It's two years later, let's see what two kids sleeping somewhat regularly has done to my dreams....

ST: 10 DX: 11 IQ: 13 HT: 12
No changes to stats. Unless I develop consistent super-powers in dreams, it's much too difficult to improve them point-wise. More likely, they'll start dropping as I feel older in REM sleep.

Advantages: Charisma +2 (I am a helluva guy), Common Sense (I'm constantly warning people in dreams not to do stupid things), Luck (if I survived the Red Dawn game, I have it in spades), Voice, Light Hangover.

Disadvantages: Bloodlust, Nearsighted (corrected), Gluttony, Stubbornness,
Sense of Duty (Friends). Enemy: The Mormons (earned "in-game" no points)

Skills: for skill checks, one rolls 3d6 and roll your skill level or less. These are the skills I've put points into, which means most simple actions are automatic. If I wanted to do something that's not on the list, like speak French or pick a lock, my default skill level is usually IQ or DX -5... or worse. A skill level of 10 is average, 12 rather skilled, 14 well-trained, 16+ expert.

For breaking down the years, I'll try to the following. I'll list the skills I had points in first. Bolded means points were added to the skill and "+2" will denote an actual point increase of the skill .

Acting: 13                 (+1)
Administration 15   (+2)
Anthropology 10
Archaeology 10
Area Knowledge: Iceland 13
Area Knowledge: Lehigh Valley 13
Area Knowledge : Michigan Upper Peninsula 11
Area Knowledge: New York City 13   (+2)
Area Knowledge: South Africa 13
Bard 19 (let me...entertain you!)    (+1)
Boating 9
Boxing 10
Brawling 13
Camouflage 14
Carousing 12
Conspiracy Theory 11
Dancing 10
Diplomacy 13
Driving: Auto 14
Driving: Diesel Locomotive 11
Driving: Motorcycle 9
Driving: Tractor Trailer 11
Economics 11              (+1)
Engineering 12
English 14
Fast Talk: 13         (+1)
Forensics: 10
Forgery 10
Geology 10
Guns: Pistol 14
Guns: Rifle 14
Guns: SMG 13
Hiking 10
History 16   (+2)
Hobby: Gaming 13    (+2)
Hobby: Models 12
Intell Analysis 11
Interrogation 11
Law 11 
Music Instrument: Saxophone  12
Navigate 10
Occultism 14
Punning 11
Running 13 
Savoir Faire 16
Scrounging 13
Sex Appeal 15     (+1)
Sport: Basketball 10
Sport: Golf 10
Sport Volleyball 9
Stealth 11
Survival: Mountains 12
Survival: NBC 13
Swimming 10
Tactics 12
Wrestling 10

Year Three:  (15.5 points towards all skills
Acrobatics   8
Climbing 9 
Computer Operations 12
Fast Talk 13
Merchant 11
Naturalist 10

More points in Administration, Area Knowledge: NYC, and Acting, and more social skills like hobbies and sports means one thing:  at some point, I've been kicked upstairs away from the car chases and intell drops in Iceland.  And its the first time imaginary me has really used a computer. I'm old school like that.   
When the Tom Arnold version of me talks, people listen.
A better cut of suit, some salt and pepper hair, and my voice (and a Bard skill of freakin' 19) mean I command the attention I demand.

Year Four (18 points towards all skills)
Animal Handling  10
Bicycling 11
Club 11
First Aid   13
Judo 9 
Leadership 12
Politics 13
Sport: Football  8
Theology 10

Leadership, Politics, and Theology lean towards advancing my position as an in-house rep.  Yet another sport means I'm trying to keep myself active.  And bicycling.  Let's say I'm trying to be green.

This now makes me a 210-point GURPS character.  A knowledgable pro who's left the dirty work of secret agent support and now oversees operations from the comfy confines of a leather chair behind a utiliatarian metal a small office.  I wasn't going to use gunplay often, but I'm much likelier to use my brain and voice to resolve a situation. 

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