Sunday, December 27, 2015

Into the New Year

I'm not much into looking into the past year, and looking into the next one during these holidays, especially since my "gaming calendar" covers that around the end of September and beginning of October.

The gaming and painting well has been pretty dry these past three months.  Crazy hours at work, crazy homeowner projects at...well, home, and a hectic kid's activity means my biggest accomplishment at night i Netflix and pass out on the couch.

Cleaning up before the deluge of people descended upon the house for Christmas allowed me to better organize my gaming papers/folders/files, as well as really take a crack at writing up theover decade old actual plays from the Burning Trogs campaign.

So what should you expect in 2016?

The Burning Trogs Rule!  My Hackmaster Actual Plays from my Burning Trogs campaign have twenty episodes posted thus far.  Over December, I've managed to transcribe 22 more episodes from the party's journal.  I need to turn them into a better prose form and add the GM commentary, but we're winding down with only 22 more handwritten pages to type up.   Burning Trog updates are scheduled for Tuesday starting in January with 'Gwen's Journey'  and "The Redrock Brigade."

I also plan on two more store reviews and review/breakdown of De Horrore Cosmico by Golden Goblin.

Painting  I visited the basement TWICE this week, so I an restart my current batch of stalled projects.   Palm trees galore, test painting on Martian spiders, and a yummy camo scheme for some battlemechs are already sitting at the table.   The Pulp Figures I grabbed at Fall In! need some paint before they hit the game table,and then there's future projects.

Future Projects  No Cold Wars means no imminent projects (probably would have been more Samoan Civil War action using CLA.  Between Frostgrave, Song of Blades and Heroes, and Of Mortals and Men, plus a FLGS that stocks Bones, we could have some fun experiments.   Taking the Bones III order in consideration, I may plan an Of Mortals and Men game using my swag.

I may need to greatly increase the amount, and possibly some 15mm Splintered Light.

Intrigued?  Find my post describing what add ons I grabbed.  I've multiplied that original one a couple times.

That's all I'm promissing for now...

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