Tuesday, December 15, 2015

(Kickstarter) The Halfman Army

As a lover of gnomes and halflings, I can't help but plug the Halfmen Army Kickstarter by Westfalia Publishing.

If you're tired of the rag-tage look associated with halfling units, and want to shoot fort a "short"-term solution for military might, this might interest you.  The lowest pledge level past the "$1 and add-ons) starts at about $23US, and nets you a unit of 10 of the same figure (swords,spears, handguns, bows, polearms, crossbows, peasant militia, or 5 halfling knights on goats!), and the value increases with the more you pledge.   Yes, it's a UK campaign, so the overseas shipping might hurt a little, but Westfalia has previously three distinctly different Kickstarters, and except for and acceptable delay for the first campaign, everything's been done well and on time/slightly early.


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