Wednesday, December 30, 2015

New Year's Cleaning

It looks like the ViscountEric household is almost over the stages of grief known as the holidays.    The build-up to the holidays, the chaos of the actual events, and the subsequent malaise that cloaks everyone immediately afterwards has all disappeared.    A run for snacks and a cheap bottle of Verdi are all that's necessary for New Year's Eve.  Even work is in a holding pattern, as we finalize our annual audit and do the usual end of year, T-crossing and I-dotting, continues through mid-January. 

This has allowed me an unusual situation, something people call... time?    I haven't gotten painting and gaming started yet, but I have been able to attack the two elephants in the blog's room:  The Burning Trogs Actual Plays and my gaming correspondence on my viscounteric AT gmail DOT com. 

For the Burning Trogs Rule! actual plays, I've transcribed the campaign journal up to episode 47, and it looks like the entire campaign will end up at 50.   Like I mentioned before, I need to convert the entries into a prose style, re-construct a lost session, and fill in the blanks with the return of *spoilers* Cecelia and the background of a famous (in his own mind) gnome titan general NOT named Zorin.

While the Trogs are finally wrapping up, catching up on my emails has been hellish.  I started with 184 email chains to review from Mike Lung, the "Gnome Guy" Jim Stanton, and the Canadians.  Some of these stretch back to the Summer of 2012!

I've managed to whittle that 184 down to 104!  Pictures have been uploaded to drafts on the blog.  There's a few new surprises popping up for 2016, but certain things can be expected. 
  • New episodes The Burning Trogs Rule! should be posting every Tuesday until the material is exhausted sometime this Summer.  I've got plans for what follows, but I'm keeping it close to the vest for now.
  • Mike Lung Galleries will be posting every Thursday.  I anticipate some duplicate pictures, and even posts, but I don't care. 
  • Apathy of the New Releases, my biased review of new gaming solicitations in Alliance's Game Trade Monthly Magazine, will continue to post on or about the 26th of each month.
Worthless fun facts:  This is my 1427th post published on this blog since September 2009.  Between the Trogs, Mike, IOU, and random holiday filler posts I didn't want to forget about, I have 25 posts already scheduled to post on specific dates between now and judgement day.  I have 104 posts in draft form, a combination of scenarios I want to play, gnome history, Trogs, Mike, and things slightly more fleshed out than placeholders.

2016 looks to be a full year with the gnomies.

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