Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Mundane Lifestyle is NOT for Me!

These past two weeks at work have been wild and crazy.  Plug in a household full of congestion that's reminiscent of RSV (gunky for adults, extremely dangerous for babies) and we're a hacking miserable mess.

Weekends with Mommy working usually means some gaming or fun activity with dear old Dad, but with a basketball game and a gymnastics party, that pretty much pooped me out.   

Since the birthday party was for Maja only AND it was a gymnastics party I could leave and come back, I took Millie to Hudson Model Railroad Club for their holiday open house.  Nice layout, nice flow of people, and a neat little scavenger hunt kept Millie's attention for about as long as I needed.    Still no trip to Michael's to get a few supplies for the stagnant palm tree project.

Not much progress on the gaming front.  Illnesses, work schedule, and Christmas looming in the background mean lots of down time to recuperate.    I did manage to print out a copy of Spirit of '77 and the final pdf copy of Scavengers  actually arrived! 

Going through character creation tonight.  Should work not only as a fun, Basic D&D-esque game, but I should be able to port over most mechanics into my "Disney Jr" RPG.  As my high school track coach always said, "We shall see what we shall see.."

And as the "Burning Trogs Rule!" Actual Plays have become quite popular, fret not dear readers, they are returning to Tuesdays in January, with a very special "Gwen's Journey" from her experiences after escaping Roark straight from the campaign journal.  

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