Friday, January 8, 2016

Delicious Chocolate Chip Camo Mechs

One of constant things in my social media feeds is "Pinterest versus Reality"  where people try to duplicate the uber recipes, arts and crafts, etc, with hilariously bad results.

A while back, I discovered a video of painting  chocolate chip camo.  Looked easy enough.

And of course, the first thing to come off my bench in three months looks like this...
Dervish and Hunchback
I mean, they're not horrible, and if I were painting a wargear from Heavy Gear, the dark chocolate circles would be about the right size.  

A solid attempt that I may revisit later, but I've gotten figs off the table, and two more 'mechs out of the Battletech Introductory Boxed Set finished.

In the queue: (1)   The palm trees project is taking longer than expected, especially since I misplaced the Khaki after finishing these guys up.  Plan on finishing trunks and flocking by Sunday.  (2)  Martian Spiders to not like the bright orange paint (yes, Bright Orange), but after three coats,they've finally surrendered.  Baby steps with this one.  (3)  **NEW**  Some old school fantasy figures to fill in the time between the first two projects. 

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