Friday, January 15, 2016

From Russia With Blog

I like my little blog.  It's a fun place to keep a record of my gaming, my idea, my kids, and my evolving likes and dislikes.   I've never attempted to monetize it or get any more attention to it other than a link on my personal Facebook page or maybe on TMP.  I've watched the blogstats grow over time like a proud father,  each new blog post usually netting more views than earlier ones, although some of my posts are on the top ten of some Google search results. Sometime this year, I planned on the blog finally reaching 200,000 pageviews.

And then the Italians came.

Back in August, I was happy that I'd finally get 5,000 page views for a month.  We were inching closer and closer, and if the last few days  kept a predictable pace, I would finally reach that milestone.

Then, over the course of twenty minutes or so one morning, I received 8,9999 hits from Italy.  I did reach 5K views that month, sans Italy, but some odd person/system essentially pinging the crap off of my insignifcant page was rather annoying.

This month, I've been subject to a rash of hits from Russia, ammounting  to 150% of my normal US traffic!   For those looking over at my popular posts for the month (as this is posted) , you'll see a number of random posts listed from 2014 that  don't belong there.

Thanks Putin!   Now I'm not buying your shirtless calendar, so there!

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