Thursday, January 7, 2016

Gnome Vehicles From... Atlantis???

With the holidays finally over, save Orthodox Boxing Day, there's time again to delve into the archives of GwtG contributor Mike Lung for another source of vehicles for Gnome Wars.

On the discussion on where he obtained some of his vehicles for his German Gnomes:

"... they are toys I converted from the Disney Atlantis movie. Unfortunately, they are getting a bit hard to find since the movie was released a while back. But you can find them on Ebay and other sites occasionally if you are lucky for around $6-$10, but often for a lot more. I would think they would show up occasionally in Disney toy lots as well. Also, one has to be careful not to get the die cast toys which are way too small or the McDonald's toys which are not so useful. They did a number of vehicles that work...a big water truck that makes a wonderful German bierwagen!; a mechanized diner/chuck wagon which I use for my Swiss bunny drawn wagon; a cargo truck full of ammo (the truck I used for my German artillery); a open bed truck; and armored car; and a light tank . Here's are some examples currently on Ebay:


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