Thursday, January 28, 2016

RIP Alien Dungeon

With one final post on the All Quiet on the Martian Front Kickstarter Update, Robot Peanut, parent company of Architects of War and Alien Dungeon have permanently closed their doors.

Unfortunately, it was not a complete surprise.  When you figure that the delivery date for All Quiet was December 2013 and there were still rumblings before the holidays of wave 3 of the Kickstarter finally getting delivered, they well behind the eight-ball.  They may have had great plans and projections, but it was simply a case that they needed realistic plans and projections instead. 

They went overboard on the free items, there were too many products, not enough of a profit margin to foster a sales inventory beyond the Kickstarter fulfillment, AND they paid for shipping... for two waves!

The sad part of this isn't the waves of pledges who didn't get all the promised items, it's the idea that a company with popular products could not take advantage of their Kickstarter's enthusiasm to become a beyond-a-doubt legitimate player in the miniatures market. 

I'm also a bit worried for Cold Wars.  After all the Host on the auction block nonsense, to have such a large vendor disappear off the face of the earth should throw off some numbers, and creates a huge vacuum in the dealer hall.


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