Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Return to the Lair... with Beer!

By Odin's Raven!  Everyone in the house fell asleep at a right an proper hour last night, enabling me to descend into the basement.  Paint brushes have been held, paint applied!

As I've mumbled incoherently for a few weeks, the dust is off of the three projects that have been sitting on the bench since the Fall.   Funny thing is, the newest project of the three might be finished tomorrow night, while I need a weekend re-supply of glue if I have a chance to finish off the palm tree project.  Martian spiders just aren't taking the orange base coat well, so I might be moving onto other things and dabbling with that at times.

My sister and brother-in-law had grabbed some random bottles and cans of interesting beer for Christmas, so I enjoyed a Fireside Chat from the 21st Amendment Brewery.  I like my Steigmaier Winter Warmer better, but Fireside had a nice wintry mixture of wooden console radios, coal stoves, and fearing nothing but fear itself.  Very nice.

FDR, Mechs, and Palm Trees:  What made America great.
I also tried the Harmontown podcast again as my distraction at work and the painting table.  The last two episodes have violently in different directions, from discussions on depressions to drug-addled Paul Lynde impersonations, but they have both been awesome.  Working through the back catalog this afternoon as well.

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