Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Train, The Train!!! and Other Weekend Musings

The heck with all the craziness that's non stop, the first full week of the year has  been pretty good.  

First off, remember the local train show I took Millie to before Christmas.  Seems like they pulled my name on one of the raffle tickets, so I won one of the train sets.  

I didn't think too much of it, other than 'cool' but upon examination, I was impressed.  The set itself retails for a few cents short of $200, and the oval track is  36" by 54", which means we couldn't set the whole set up on the dining room table without some fear of cars plunging off a sheer cliff.  I still have room in the basement to set something up.

Speaking of trains, we have the next day for our Call of Cthulhu campaign, Sunday, February 28th.  It corresponds with the Allentown Spring Thaw Train Meet, so we can do our annual Daddy Daughter Train Day.  In reality, we go to the train meet in the morning, and I drop them off at my Mom's in the afternoon so I can game in Easton.

We've done well on the gaming front this week.  Lots of Life, Dungeon Roll, and Zombie Dice to keep Maja busy.  Saturday I dusted off the terrain and we ran half of the scenario I had planned for Savage Showdown. The AAR will be heavily edited for some initial lack of conviction for our heroes, the climax on the fight  will surprise a few.

And with multiple nights down at the painting table, we should have some creations appearing shortly.  I'm only doing one or two steps on each project until my painting ADHD starts to fade away, but accomplishment helps dealing with the ailment.  Pics soon to follow, I hope.

I couldn't go down for the second session of Hoyce's AD&D game.  My mother in law is back in the hospital for a third time in three months (Medicare's going to have a field day with the hospital's lackadaisical attitude and general incompetence.)   While my wife stayed at the hospital, I got to take the kids to yet another Chuck E Cheese birthday party

The sketcher gave me a ZZ Top sized goutee.

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