Thursday, January 28, 2016

What Could I Run at Mepacon Spring 2016?

Our local con, Mepacon in Scranton is coming up, and they have the audacity of running it on my "birthday weekend".  This also means that I should have a little more leeway with attending it than I've had in years prior.
The theme this time is Steampunk in all of it's corsetty and goggle-wearing glory.  I haven't been an active fan of the genre since Castle Falkenstein was awaiting its second printing,  so the questions arises again, "What could I/should I run at Mepacon?"

The poll is up on the right hand side.  Polls aren't available in mobile view, so you will need to select desktop view at  the bottom of the page to vote using your mobile device. Multiple options can be selected before you complete your voting.

Toon: Cthulhu Comes to Springfield 2:   The TOON Simpsons game, with a few new "episodes."

Burning Plastic: The Secret Base:   Usually I run BP as a fun, slaughterama type game that appeals to most con goers, but I can't help but think that the system should work tactically in a "realistic" military game. The shoebox houses come back, but the play style might be altered a little bit

KAMB: Kobolds Go to College!:  I love the ridiculousness of Kobolds At My Baby.  I worship the zany absurdity of Illuminati University (IOU).   A few unconnected plot hooks should keep a four hour session going.

Contemptible Little Armies:  Samoa:  Historicals don't go over well at the local con, but with all the extra trees I've finished, it should look good on the table.

Contemptible Little Armies:  Pago-Pago:  Colonial era pirate hunting, without the respectability of historical accuracy.

Gnome Wars:  Treasure Hunt:  The treasure hunt model for a small kid-friendly game seems to work, plus it's an excuse to get at least two of every nationality painted up.

Hackmaster 4th: Pirate Raid:  I am two or three con themes behind on this one, but a few Halfling sailors sacking a pirate hideout sounds like fun to me.

Basic D&D: Home:  My Polynesian game is always available to play... someday.

Spirit of '77:  One Bad *Shut Yo Mouth":  Everything great with the 70's in a easy-to-learn RPG system.

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