Sunday, February 7, 2016

A Painting Giant Awakens

This whole real life thing continues to interrupt what I want to do, dammit!

Between work and kid's activities and car issues and my mother-in-law in the hospital AGAIN and , I haven't been the greatest of friends to my gaming buddies.  I've been forced to bail out of both of Hoyce's AD&D sessions and my own stupidity is preventing me from going to the annual "guy's weekend" at Cold Wars

That doesn't mean my friends aren't trying to keep me in the loop.  I was a bit shocked last month when my friend Brian starting sending me pictures of painted figures.  You have to understand, outside of the Games Workshop three color and flocked tournament minimum, Brian doesn't paint.  At all.

Battletech Fire Lance

Horace "Action" Jackson by Reaper
Reaper Lizard Man
Reaper Lizard Man
Gnome Wars Scottish Golf Mortar
This was one of the things that helped me get on painting horse again.   I only hope that he upgrades his camera/cameraphone or uses cloth to avoid the glare from the counter he's using.

Nice work, sir.

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