Friday, February 12, 2016

Gnomish Wizard Enclave

Of the four immortals of gnomekind, only the wizard appears to have flexibility.  The vampire and the witch have their naturally selfish reasons for control, although they could work together if the reward is substantial.  Santa is obviously a solo character, although he may bless a wizard if deemed worthy.

Only the wizard is normally seen fighting in battles, alongside other wizards of a different region or nation.

While in concept the wizard is immortal, the fact that there are multiple entities seen together begs multiple questions.  Are wizards created by magic? Are they trained?  From birth or are they chosen?
How does a wizard gain the territory they're sworn to protect?  Why aren't they protecting gnomes with the wanderlust as in days past?  Do they even have control over the gnome psyche?

For these questions I'm first going to deign ignorance and say "It's up to you!"  If you want a scenario with a wizard and his brood fighting off the mad hordes of gnomes, go right ahead.

Secondly, I'll introduce the Wizard's Enclave.

Think of it like the druidic structure as in AD&D.  Novices, initiates, and neophytes band together under the tutelage of a higher ranking wizard, tending a particular valley together until some gain sufficient power.  Then they may control something the size of a small barony or tiny duchy, being essentially the middle man between the newbies and the protege in a relationship with a much powerful wizard.  Consider them the grad assistants of the wizard world.  Powerful enough to defend themselves, knowledgeable enough to teach, but not the heavy artillery that nations call on.

A wizard checks on the locals with his protege in tow.
multiple journeymen wizards could form an enclave, as could the master wizards, forming stronger bonds with some of their craft than others.

An organized militant wizard's enclave might be the most dangerous thing to gnomekind, only stopped my massed armies.  A tower full of wizards, their menagerie of animals before, and being able to hit anything on the board without cover saves with at least a 6 to hit is dangerous.  A massed attack on one figure is deadly.  Heavy Machine Gun more than four foot away wailing on your troops. Four or five wizards in a high position and those guys are toast.  Want to cripple an army? Concentrated lightning bolts on the leaders/medics/musicians.

This concept of the enclave also allows for something we rarely see:  Dueling Wizards.  A French-Swiss struggle could easily find two wizards duking it out, rivals with different techniques.  

Any thoughts on how an enclave system of wizardry could help or hinder use of this troop type? Comment below!

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