Friday, February 5, 2016

(Kickstarter) Apocalypse World, 2nd Edtion

Within this past year I've been awakened to series of RPGs that are "Powered by the Apocalypse."  It's very "Yes, and" or "Yes, but" post-apocalyptic system that's light on dice and heavy on using free flowing catch phrases for skills.   Check out for more info.

Apocalypse World has influenced a ton of games using its rules engine, including Dungeonworld, tremulus, World Wide Wrestling, and my personal favorite Spirit of '77.

Now, after five years of play/playtesting, a Kickstarter has been created for Apocalypse World 2nd Edition.    For $35, ($28 + $7 S&H) you can get a copy of the softcover and the pdf as well.


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