Friday, February 5, 2016

(Kickstarter) Classic Oldhammer Halfling Miniatures

It's good to see that Punxsutawny Phil has blessed us with not only an early window, but an awakening of new projects on Kickstarter to temp me. 

Effincool Minis has announced a new campaign for Classic Oldhammer Halfing Miniatures in 28mm.  The backer levels seem fair, allow some customization without being overbearing, and include S&H.  Best of all, the molds appear to already completed, so it's just a matter of ordering metal and miscellany.

Of all the Kickstarters I've listed this week, this one is the most tempting.  Low cost of entry and an appealing chance to build a Halfling warband for Song of Blades and Heroes or Frostgrave lickety-split (April 2016 ship date) looks very appealing.

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