Monday, February 22, 2016

(Kickstarter) Gnomi

The temps have gotten warmer and only the stingiest of snow piles fight for survival in the corners of shady parking lots.  Spring is in the air early and with it the first of hopefully many new gnome-themed products on Kickstarter.

Gnomi from Poppy Jasper Games, is a card game of gnomes, mushrooms, farming and naps that doesn't require a table.  A handy card flipping mechanic allows the discard pile to stay in your hand as you're standing on a street corner, flipping burgers on the grill, or driving a Hummer through the slums of Rio.

Where No Mercy is essentially an elaborate version of War, Gnomi appears to be a fancy, portable version of Go Fish.  I personally have no problem with this and have pledged for the game with the fancy box.

 One thing that I'm appreciating more and more with every campaign:  No Stretch Goals.  Rather, they have eight separate "marketing" achievements (# Pledges, Facebook likes, Twitter followers, etc) that will add different cards or cosmetic changes to the game.  They calculate the more exposure they get, the more pledges will come in, and the cheaper cost per unit of printing a larger run will soak the added expenses.

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