Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Lists, Posts, and Pages

I greatly enjoy blogging, not only for the chance to put my gaming thoughts in written/typed form, but I'm secretly a geek for statistics and watching the stat apps the Blogger supplies makes my day.

I've had three times where skewed data got to me. 
  • Recently, I had either an active Russian fan base or a hyperactive bot constantly hit my site.  Probably 3,000 hits or so over a few weeks.  Lucky for my statistical OCD, most of the hits were for my pages I set, not blog posts, and the few posts that did get hit didn't generate outrageous number.  I've adjusted my pages and I've been Ruskie-free for a week.
  • Back in August, something from Italy hit me for almost 9,000 page views in about twenty minutes.  It was going to be a record-setting month for me anyway, extras hits like that makes the accomplishment loose its luster.
  • My stats for posts on my "stats" sidebar doesn't match up with my stats under "posts."  Confused?  I sure was for the longest time.  Actually the stats are accurate under the Now, Today, Last Week, and Last Month, but not "All-Time"  Back in August, I discovered that some of my top ten all-time posts actually had 1,000 more posts that the "stats" sidebar accounted for.  In fact, my top #10 post was actually #16.
I reviewed all of my posts to see if my Russian visitors awkwardly inflated any posts, and when all could be as well as it ever could, I recalculated my top #19.  I picked nineteen because that was where that strange #10 post all-time ended up.

Contemptible Little Armies continues to gain views (and truth be told, deserves a rewrite).   My Emerald Vale Games review also attracted a lot of traffic, and that doesn't even exist anymore! 
To keep some of the older (and excellent) battle reports active, I may need to set up a page to collect their links.  Worst case, the Russians will lot it!

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