Monday, February 8, 2016

More Tropical Scenery and Dungeon Delvers

While I was not prolific like I had wished, the workbench now has a large, empty spot on it.

ROCKS:  Between the green army guys and the dinosaur playset I have, there were a ton of cheesey plastic rocks that I converted into viable terrain pieces.  Prime, base coat and a quick drybrush was painting was done.  The flocking took considerably longer on these ten pieces.
I wanna rock! *Rock!*
PALM TREES:  Three more palm trees from the dinosaur playset.  We're down to the three tall Pegasus palms and I can finally focus on some other crazed ramblings.

GRENADIER:  Another project off the table!  Although, I did realize that one of the figures was *gasp* Ral Partha!

Dungeon Raider (8119), Ral Partha "Thief in Ambush" (61-050), and a rogue out of the Rogues 3-Pack (0721)

Slightly Better Odds Than the Last Picture... I think.
NEXT UP:  I'm working on the next few Savage Showdown adventures I have planned and comparing that to my long-awaited tax return to see what I need/can afford.  There's also Askaris, bugbears, and GNOMES in the near queue, and of course, those last three palm trees that haunt my dreams.

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