Monday, February 22, 2016

Ninja Gnomes, Vampire Bats, and the Weekend

The good news is the chaos of my life has devolved back to my regular chaos over the weekend.  The kids' activities have dwindled on the weekend but with my mother-in-law finally released from the hospital/therapy, and my wife away in Philly for the weekend for a course, it was a wee bit crazy.  After taking the kids to pick up Grandma, take her home, and deal with a thousand errands, I took the kids on an unexpected road trip Saturday afternoon for a couple of hours to visit a game shop from distant memory, but the high point of that was a car full of stories, a great dinner at Funck's outside Indiantown Gap, and the realization that the playing the alphabet game on our stretch of I-81 is way too easy.  The store review should be up later this week.

Sunday was laundry/cleaning/checking up with the M-I-L, with a another set of errands for household items, car parts, and the easiest 15 minute jaunt with the kids through Toys R Us.  Nothing was purchased.   I was a annoyed yet amused that Toys R Us has nothing western left, not even 54mm cowboys and Indians.  However, it's been replaced by pirate playsets (complete with skeletons), the traditional knights/Vikings are back, and a "mythical legend" set with elves and orcs.   Not too bad for high volume junk made in China.

Sunday night I made a futile attempt to speed through Walking Dead (and Talking Dead) and get to bed before midnight, only to discover the series finale of Gravity Falls was last Monday (interfering with my wife's watching of the Grammys).  Around 1am, I staggered into bed, satisfied with everything I've watched. 

With the kids needing to see Gravity Falls, a new Supergirl tonight, and my wife's shows returning, I have no idea when I'm going to find to the time to catch up on Agent Carter, watch the second season of Young Justice with the kids, AND of course, paint.

This past week was more about ordering more stuff, than painting it.... With 360 minis coming from Miniature Market and a Windsword order to boot, I need to find some time to paint AND relax.

An old school Bat Swarm for Warhammer Fantasy Battles.

With Bugbears, and Gnomes, and Pulp Figures (oh my!) that I'm doing in small doses at the same time, it's nice to find something small to just finish in a timely manner (even if there are six of them on the base). 
Japanese Ninjas for Gnome Wars (Brigade Games).
These fellows follow the same rules as the rest of gnomes for the Treasure Game:  Sufficient detail, high gloss finish for clumsy hands.  The Japanese gnomes have crazy detail for most figures, so I won't be doing more than the ninjas for a good long while.

Next:  Gnomes, Bugbears, and Pulp Figures still take up the slots on the table, although I did find even more Ral Partha minis to mix it up.

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