Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Events for Mepacon Spring 2016 Have Been Submitted!

After a fun poll, we have THREE events for Mepacon Spring 2016:

Friday Night:  Spirit of '77 - The Cruise Ship of the Damned! - 7 players  -
Spirit of 77 is a role-playing game based on 70’s pop culture – glam music, grindhouse action films, kung-fu, weird science and revved up race-cars on lone highways, outracing Smokey and the Man!  
Take all that funkadelic awesomeness and put that on a cruise ship for something exciting and new... and deadly.
Although 3rd place in the poll was a tie between "serious" Burning Plastic and a new Toon Simpsons game, I made an executive decision and decided I WANTED to run Spirit of '77.  The scenario already comes with pre-gens, and I'm not sure if I had wanted to save the 70's awesomeness of a scenario in my head for Spirit or IOU.   This is also the only time during the convention that I won't have Maja with me, and although we don't have "mature" themes per se, this can be a "grown-up" game. 

Saturday 2PM:  Gnome Wars: Treasure Hunt -  10 players - That the gnomes of all nations have sent two-man teams to explore a new archaeological dig for rare treasures is not surprising.    That they armed them so well is a bit concerning.  Race around the table, searching for clues to the location of the treasures, all the while dodging your opponents, and a few special events.  Whoever returns to the bar with the most treasure wins!

A whopping 87% of all voters selected is option (this is a Gnome Wars blog, remember).  A few terrain orders post-tax return are in order.

Saturday: 9AM Kobolds Ate My Baby:  Koboldz Goz to Kollegez!     8 players
You're a kobold.  A kobold has a harsh life. But at least there are babies to eat . . . until King Torg (All Hail King Torg!) swipes the plumpest and juiciest for his table.

Recently, your kobold burrows connected to a new set of fancy passageways.  Scouts have reported the tunnels lead to giant stone barns, and that means one thing:  GIANT TASTY CHICKENS.


37% of voters picked KAMB (remember you could have voted for multiple options).  I need to pull the KAMB book out of storage and make initial characters, but the game should run itself.  Chickens, weird science weapons, and a quest for the on-campus day-care are in order.

Of course, upon submitting the events, I sorted through my mail and came up with this:

Leaving me wide open for the entire month of April.    I don't think that any drug lord trials that would force me to be sequestered are being relocated to Northeast PA, but it's another thing to worry about.

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