Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Great National Palm Tree Nightmare is Finally Over

Brushes down, a non-alcoholic beverage in hand, the faint smell of matte sealant wafting in the air.  

The Great Palm Tree Project is finally over.  

Of the many palms I have painted, these last three, Pegasus Hobbies Palm Trees #6501, Style "A" gave me the biggest problems.  With the other Pegasus sets, each ring of palms leaves goes through a mounting peg on top of the trunk.  With these trees, the pegs all snapped well before assembly, with the faintest of action.  This required me to use my full-size portable drill (the hand drill couldn't make headway in the weird consistency of the plastic) to drill a hole up top and use 2mm carbon fiber rod to replace the mounting peg.

The palm rings were equally flexible yet brittle, and I have a good dozen fronds in a box waiting to be used for some other project.  
These three trunks and 15 rings of palm fronds took up considerable workspace on my bench, so now that space is use for all of my current projects.

Great War Askaris, Reaper Bones, Bugbears, GW Bats, and a slew of Gnome Wars duos of the same nationality.  With scant time left in my "What to run at Mepacon" poll, the Gnomish Treasure Hunt is a runaway winner, so I might as well finish up the pairs that aren't assembled already.  And yes, there are Teddy Bears with them.  

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