Friday, February 19, 2016

The Tax Return and Sales

The great days of celebration is upon my household. 

The tax return hit.  Two days early, to boot!

I've been perseverating on what to get with my percentage of the windfall.  Outside of the some items for the Gnomish Treasure Hunt and some long-term purchases for the Cold Wars 2017 game, I've been haphazard with my lists. 

The one thing that I though would help me was an e-mail promoting RAFM's 30% off sale through February 25th.  Unfortunately, even compiling a larger order netted me about Fifteen bucks off after shipping and handling.  Plus, I don't want to essentially pay for my S&H on my much delayed CoC Minis Kickstarter after I already paid it when the campaign ended.

Meandering through the Internet for Heroclix for the girls, I remembered Miniature Marketplace, and although it was a dead end for the clix, they do have a sizable clearance section and a RIP clearance going on with fabulous discounts. 

To say I picked up 360 miniatures for $123 is a bit of a falsehood.  I also got four different board/family games (one of which originally retailed for $60) and FREE SHIPPING.  I may even be able to use some of the minis for my Cold Wars 2017 game.

The RIP super-clearance ends on Sunday!

I plan a Saturday afternoon drive with the girls to visit a long-lost location... and probably not spend money, so I'm still pondering orders to MBA, Pulp Figures, and a definite order to Windsword.  We've got bills to pay down, a trip to Pittsburgh, a sink and shower to fix up, and a new couch coming our way.

... and then I remembered:  my bonus kicks in next Friday.  All is good with the world.

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