Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Cold Wars 2016 - Mice... in... Space!!!!!

Our normal Historicon intrepid correspondent, Mike Lung, was at Cold Wars and had so much fun he only managed to eek out a few pictures of the Space Mousling game on the Moon that evolved into humans, space gnomes, molemen and the true natives of the Moon, the Frigonians.  They had 16 players and everything was a hoot! 

A number of the figures used have already been posted by "The Gnome Guy" Jim over at his Gnome Wars blog or his Stout Smurf blog, if you're so inclined.   I'll be posting a few closer pics from Mike's forces (and the eternally amusing Frigonians) in upcoming days. 

Unfortunately, it was a bust for gnome-kind, as another Gnome GM needed to cancel his gnome pirate game and the joust was cancelled.   Of this means that I, Viscount "Crazylegs" Eric, am still the reigning Cold Wars jousting champion!!!!


  1. The space game was really fun. Mike did an awesome job with the terrain and his conversions!

    Sadly, the joust wasn't cancelled - it didn't go off because of lack of interest. We had 2 people show up but all the usual suspects were doing something else.


  2. I stand corrected...

    I'm still the 2015-16 Cold Wars Champ though!