Friday, March 4, 2016

German Gnome Treasure Hunters and an Update on Everything Else....

This whole real-life thing plus post-stomach bug recovery is really making me feel old.  In bed before eleven, my shows piling up on the DVR, and I'm still barely getting out of bed in the morning. 

What a drag it is getting old....

Last night I ventured downstairs with a bottle of beer and a slice of grocery store pizza and I got stuff done.

I unboxed most of my Arcane Legions stuff I grabbed from Miniature Market before.  It's a shame they couldn't make the figures at least true 25mm, because they could have used the excess plastic on the sprues and not wasted any money.  I'm thinking a lot of pygmy encounters for the Han and Egyptian forces and perhaps some more Romans.  Skinny Imperial Dwarves might be an option.

I also assembled some of the Windsword stuff, primed a bunch more, and eeked out a whopping two miniatures.  

Introducing the German Gnome Treasure Hunters for Mepacon, the Weiner Brothers.

German Gnomes from Brigade Games
I've been collecting Gnome Wars for at least six years, and these Germans in the Die FliederAffen (roughly translated: Flying Monkeys) have sat unpainted that entire time!  For the record:  Tuscan Red, Black, Neutral Gray, and Gold for the buttons.  For the sausages it was Heritage Brick with some Tuscan Red in the hard to reach places

And now, some positive affirmation that something is getting accomplished!

Call of Cthulhu Campaign:  Characters have not only been updated, but new sheets printed!  I do have to adjust Hit Points so they're ready for next session.   The write-up for the latest Actual Play has been outlined.

Mepacon Event Progress
Spirit of '77 - looking for playtesters to make sure I've got the scenario and system down.  Any interested parties in Eastern PA, email me at viscounteric AT gmail DOT com.   I'm also interested in implementing theme music for the game.  The great thing with Spirit of '77 is that they have already compiled playlists on Spotify to us.  A premium subscription and some speakers and I'm good to go!

Kobolds Ate My Baby - Rolling up characters (at least 25) and simply categorizing a college campus into killing zones.

Gnome Wars Treasure Hunt - This, of course, is the most time consuming of the processes.
* Obtain Vehicles (Have 6, need 10 total)
* Flags of the Appropriate size (need 10)
* Gnomes  (Have 12 painted, need 20 total)
* Terrain  (Painting up the Windsword stuff)
* Rules Cards?  Treasure and Clue Tokens
* The Bar
*Cloth Roads

Our painting beer of the week?  Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout by North Coast Brewing Company.

And with this post, I've written 1500 of these suckers for my blog.  Here's to 1,500 more and the upcoming 200,000 pageviews!

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